• Our purpose

    Our purpose and core values are deeply rooted in the history of U.S. Bank, and would ring as true with our founders as they do today. By reflecting the ideals and principles expressed in our purpose and core values every day, in everything we do, we will ensure that U.S. Bank remains one of the most successful and respected financial institutions in the world – for the next 150 years.


We: Our purpose applies equally to all U.S. Bank employees at every level and in every facet of our business, without exception.


invest: As a financial enterprise, we apply our time, talents, expertise and experience to meeting challenges and solving problems—and we accomplish that by dedicating ourselves to the best possible outcome.

our hearts

our hearts: We are passionate about creating the best path forward for our customers, colleagues, communities and the shareholders we serve. We understand that potential means more than just dollars and cents.

and minds

and minds: We are driven to find a better way, to exceed the expectations of our customers and the standards we hold ourselves to and to never settle for the status quo.

to power

to power: We actively and continually advocate new ways of thinking and initiate new opportunities that benefit our customers and our business—we don’t wait for them to find us.


human: Our business may be based on numbers, yet we’re called to be champions of the people we serve and work with, advocating for their dreams, ambitions and best interests.


potential: We are the catalysts that help our customers, colleagues, communities and shareholders make the most of every opportunity and realize their full potential.

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  • Core values

    Our core values establish a standard of measurement for acting in the best interests of our customers, colleagues, communities and shareholders. They tell us what’s important and how we’ll succeed—now and in the future. And they apply equally to everyone.

  • Please take some time to become familiar with our core values, and some of the ways that we support the core values every day.

  • We do the right thing.

    We act ethically, honestly and with integrity. We earn our customers' trust by helping them make smart choices among our products and services - all of which we’d be proud to offer our own families. We treat each other with respect and fairness. And we work to make positive change in our communities, because when they succeed, we succeed.

    Our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct is an expression of our core values. It explains why integrity is important to our reputation and brand and why we're responsible for speaking up if we have concerns.

    Reading our Code, understanding how it applies to you and speaking up are some of your most important responsibilities at U.S. Bank.

  • Workplace Respect

    Embracing diversity and treating each other professionally, respectfully and with dignity helps us succeed together. We have zero tolerance for discrimination, harassment and retaliation. See our Workplace Respect policy.

  • We power potential.

    Potential is all around us, every day. We champion and encourage that potential in our customers, each other and our communities. We take pride in what we do, because our work makes a real difference. In every conversation, interaction and decision, we help people make the most of what they have today and build toward a more secure and prosperous tomorrow.

    Whether you manage work, our people or our business, we all lead in some way. We have a wealth of resources to help you grow and develop as a leader, because how you lead us determines where you lead us. Leading Us is a great resource for people who currently manage employees, as well as those who want to take the next step into a leadership role.

We stay a step ahead.

We seek out smart strategies over untested fads, focusing on long-term objectives, not short-term gains. We value continuous improvement over fast growth, because bigger isn’t better: Better is better. We anticipate the needs of our customers and find better ways to serve them. We set ambitious goals and assert thoughtful leadership—always with one foot in the future.

Whether it’s by giving feedback to your leaders or the opportunity to innovate through programs like Shark Tank or the Dynamic Dozen, employee input is vital to making sure we stay a step ahead. One of the biggest ways you can help make us better is through the annual Talk to Us survey. Do you believe U.S. Bank has an outstanding future? Do you feel like you’re part of a team? Every one of us has a chance to make our voices heard through the Talk to Us survey.

I love that my leader takes our survey feedback and makes improvements. He actually listens!
The 8 hours of volunteer time are the best part of working here.
My leader is sensitive to my work/life balance.
My manager is always helping me find new career development opportunities. I feel like the bank is a place where I can grow.
  • We draw strength from diversity.

    We come from many places, cultures and backgrounds, with a wealth of different skills and experiences. And we encourage contributions from all perspectives. We work together across departments, business lines and seniority levels to get things done. We learn from our colleagues and share what we know. Diversity, inclusion and collaboration aren’t just policies—they’re defining characteristics of our culture and our company.

  • At U.S. Bank, embracing diversity and fostering inclusion are business imperatives.

    We view everything we do through a diversity and inclusion lens to deepen our relationships with our stakeholders: our employees, customers, shareholders and communities.

    Our 73,000 employees bring their whole selves to work. We respect and value each other’s differences, strengths and perspectives, and we strive to reflect the communities we serve. This makes us stronger, more innovative and more responsive to our diverse customers’ needs.


  • Recruitment and development
  • Internship programs to increase minority representation
  • Learning and development programs


  • Multicultural business development and marketing strategy
  • Advertising in diverse publications
  • Branch events and merchandising

Supplier Diversity

  • Building relationships with minority- and women-owned businesses
  • Purchasing goods and services from diverse suppliers
  • Serving on boards committed to supplier diversity initiatives

Community Partnerships

  • Affiliations with national minority organizations
  • Giving and volunteering through Community Relations, the U.S. Bank Foundation, the U.S. Bank Volunteers program, the Development Network and Business Resource Groups.

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We put people first.

The most important facets of our business are the people who use our products and services, and the people who stand behind them. We manage risk to protect the interests of our employees, customers, colleagues, communities, and shareholders. And we invest in enhancing the skills and knowledge of our employees to create great experiences for our customers. Our success has always been and will always be based on putting people first.

When you put people first and appreciate their work, you inspire everyone to grow The Best in Us recognition program was designed to do just that—help employees realize their full potential. So we applaud effort, celebrate achievements and appreciate great work. Not just every once in a while, but every chance we get.